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ARTURO | Before Donarturo

All stories have a root. Mine is called Arturo.

My name is Giusi Scaccia, I am the founder of Donarturo and Arturo was my first dog. The first dog I took care of as an adult more precisely.

In fact, in my family there have always been dogs but when Sasha, a very special German shepherd, died, I was little less than a teenager and the pain was so much in the house that that was the last dog in the family.

So when I moved from Sicily to Friuli 10 years ago , and I had a house, a garden and a family of my own, Arturo arrived .

Arturo bovaro of the Bernese origins of Donarturo

A special bond.

The bond that was established between us was very strong .
The time and love that I dedicated to him have turned into a solid and unique relationship. In the end, a glance was enough to understand each other.

With him I also discovered the existence and usefulness of the bowl holder .
We had one handmade by a friend. Very useful but really ugly. (Luca, you know I love you ...).

Arturo grew up fast. He had long legs and a slouching gait.
We played hide and seek in the trees. And then Arturo spoke . Not only with his eyes but also with his mouth, from which he emitted some hilarious noises. Especially when he wanted to ask for something (to eat, of course).

All stories sooner or later end.

Ours ended far too soon and in one of the worst ways.
The family we were part of fell apart and an inevitable separation divided our lives.
Something I've never made peace with.

Arturo left prematurely a few years ago and I only discovered it by chance, a long time later.

By a strange coincidence he died only a couple of days before my gaze met Malik's, and I decided to adopt him.
I like to think that the two are somehow connected.

Malik Donarturo pet family


What passes through us always leaves signs and those that Arturo's story left me needed to take a new shape and a new life.
So, when a year ago I decided to found the brand you know, that new shape was revealed. Arturo, I would have called him every day .

And Don ? Simply because I'm Sicilian. And Don is a name given to wise, elderly, respectable people.

Donarturo are my roots, my present and the future in which I have decided to invest.

Donarturo pet inspired design logo


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