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LASAGNA | The dog cushion with an all-Italian recipe.

A dog cushion that is also perfect for your living room.

When I designed Lasagna I imagined a cushion for dogs that could become part of the furnishing elements of your homes in its own right.
The design therefore had to be essential but not without details that made it unique . The materials and workmanship of excellent workmanship, to pursue the high quality standards that we have set ourselves.

Know-how and research. The basics.

Lasagna is a lucky dog ​​pillow.
Indeed, it was born in the heart of Friuli Venezia Giulia, where the tradition and know-how in the production of upholstered furniture reaches the excellence of design .
In the prototyping phase, dealing with capable and creative professionals in the sector was essential to find the right answers to the technical needs that a dog cushion can have.

Lasagna required stubbornness and constancy to present itself to you as we had imagined and desired, with a myriad of aesthetic, qualitative and functional characteristics that we weren't willing to give up. A beautiful and functional dog cushion that is durable, comfortable and easy to clean.

Sophisticated content for a simple form.

At the base of Lasagna there is a pure geometric shape: the rectangle.
All the scraps of fabric that make up the cover of this dog cushion are rectangular, which reminds us a bit of the sheets of the homonymous traditional Italian dish from which it takes its name.

The "raw cut" of the fabric and the visible stitching make it unique and original, sophisticated in design and meticulous and precious workmanship.

However, we have not focused only on aesthetics.
Lasagna is a removable, washable, stain and wear resistant dog cushion.
It also has a double padding: a more rigid one in high-density foam rubber, which allows it to support and insulate even heavy weights from the floor, and a softer one in flakes, which welcomes the dog and gives it the comfort it needs to rest .

The lining fabric and our cruelty-free choices.

A dog cushion with removable, washable, soft but at the same time wear-resistant covers requires a fabric that is up to the task it has to perform.
The "raw cut" effect also confronted us with the difficulty of finding a fabric that does not fray easily.

Leather was immediately excluded for obvious reasons.
Our ethics require us to do without materials that cause suffering.

A synthetic fabric has come to our rescue, very similar to suede, washable and water-repellent, highly resistant to abrasion and equipped with certifications that certify its quality and sustainability.

The cut of the fabric deserves a separate chapter, but it is enough to know that the "raw cut" effect, without fraying, is perfectly successful.

A dog cushion designed to make your life easier and your pet's life better.

We have already said that Lasagna is a perfect dog cushion for decorating and its 100% Made in Italy style speaks for itself.

What you need to know now is that Lasagna is also a dog cushion that is easy to clean, light to move but with a solid structure that will not lose its ability to support the weight of even the largest dogs over time.

The internal padding, in turn covered by a washable cover in the unlikely event that it gets stained, can be easily removed through a zip hidden in the raw edge of the cushion.

The cushion cover can be washed in the washing machine, at low temperatures, but it is however possible to clean it if necessary with a damp cloth or sponge.
The covering fabric of Lasagna is in fact water repellent and anti-stain.
Furthermore, thanks to its particular texture, it does not retain the animal's hair, which can be easily removed with a vacuum cleaner or an adhesive brush.

Furthermore, on the back of the cushion, a comfortable handle will allow you to easily move the Lasagna.

What else?

Lasagna is a very comfortable pillow! Malik's word.


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