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UPPER | Wall system for cats: function and design.

Password: verticality.

Cats love verticality .

While we bipeds are structured to move horizontally , felines have the natural predisposition to experience space in three dimensions .
For them, moving vertically is an essential requirement on which their psychophysical health depends.

How to avoid stress and frustration in the home environment?

A nice scratching post is often the best and most immediate solution.
For our cats we have built one starting from a natural trunk , which we have set up with shelves and sisal .
A pleasure to see them play, experimenting with their natural instincts of climbing, scratching, hunting, escaping, domination of the surrounding space .

scratching post in natural wood with black Donarturo cat

But is a scratching post really enough?
A cat continually needs new stimuli and in every corner of the house.

Shelves for cats

The shelves offer us an interesting solution.
They can be fixed to the wall and create original and fun hanging cat paths . An increasingly sought-after type of furniture for cats.
There are various types and the most common are in wood and rope.

If well structured, they are certainly very satisfying for felines but also quite intrusive from an aesthetic point of view.
So what to do if, in addition to the well-being of your cat, you want to obtain an equipped wall for cats in harmony with the design of the furniture?

Wall system for cats Upside down

A question to which we have answered this way.

As you know by now, at Donarturo we just can't help but conceive products with a minimal design , even when it comes to furniture for cats .
Indeed, our goal is precisely to make the difference that separates pet design from classically conceived design ever more subtle .

DONARTURO wall system for cats with suspended shelves

Bookcase, suspended cat bed or climbing wall?

What if we told you that the Sottosopra modular system was designed to be all these things together?

In fact, all the elements of the collection combine to create a system of shelves for cats that is transversal, in terms of function and design, to the human kingdom .
After all, why should we waste the opportunities for sharing that space offers us?

The vertical one, in particular, we could say that it belongs to the felines by instinct and to us by opportunism .

For this reason, Torre is indeed a step for cats, but at the same time it is an original bookcase.
As well as Terrazzo , or Window , which could be defined as a comfortable suspended cat bed.

Donarturo Torre bookcase shelf for cats

Infinite and unique solutions.

A wall system for cats with these characteristics offers an infinite range of customizations, whether you want to create a suspended bookcase or a more complex path for cats.

For this reason we offer the free interior design service.

Every home, every pet mate and every cat is different.
We know this well and we want to offer solutions with a unique and personalized design.

Now is your time.

Visit the page dedicated to the Upside DownCollection to find out more and start dreaming of the spice dedicated to you and your feline.

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