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Cutting board or bowl holder? The bowl holder cutting board, for cats and small dogs.

The cutting board. A great classic revisited in version pet .

Donarturo is a proudly Italian company , deeply rooted in the territory, which draws inspiration (also) from the most genuine traditions of the Belpaese.

Do you remember the aperitif hour? When next to a good glass of prosecco you also order a nice cheese platter, for example.
Well somehow cocktail hour comes every day for our pets too.
In fact, for how many of your dogs or cats does snack time come at a certain time in the morning or in the afternoon?

Whether it's biscuits or their favorite delicacy, the bowl holder The chopping board was born just for this moment .

An aperitif chopping board, with bowls and a spiral basin carved into the wood.

What are three distinct spaces for? Obviously a bowl for croquettes, a bowl for water and... a space dedicated to his favorite snack.

A convenient solution for those who, like me, like to vary the diet of their pets. The idea of The cutting board in fact, it was born from a very simple need, which I experienced by living with them every day.

Aperitif time. Where do we put your favorite paté?
And the snacks? While dogs love to take food directly from their hands, cats generally don't. Do you confirm?
So off to plates, saucers and bowls around the floor.

The cutting board Donarturo encloses the space dedicated to feeding your pet in a single perimeter, thanks to an essential and elegant design.

Iroko wood and ceramic. Essential design for a chopping board anything but obvious.

The attention and care dedicated to the cutting board it's really anything but obvious. In fact, the use of wood as a container for food needs study and awareness of the specific characteristics of each essence.

The choice to use iroko wood was therefore not accidental.
A precious, elegant wood, naturally resistant to humidity, deformation and stains. Its veins are iridescent and have a full, warm color ranging from brown to gold.

To enhance its characteristics and make it even more suitable for the function it must perform, it has been treated with a certified product, used in the care of the best wooden chopping boards that end up on our tables.

A mix of wax and oil that is 100% natural, vegetable, odorless and free of chemicals and petroleum derivatives.
It makes the wood waterproof, resistant to the proliferation of bacteria and allows quick and easy cleaning.

Chopping board for bowls in iroko wood Donarturo design

Needless to explain the choice of ceramic bowls, a must have of all Donarturo bowl holders.

From an aesthetic point of view, I love the surface of matt porcelain stoneware and the way it dialogues with other materials, enhancing their characteristics.

All our bowls are produced in an artisan laboratory, where dishes for the restaurant industry are created.
They therefore have the Moca certification (Materials and Objects in Contact with Food ) , which really means that we could use The chopping board for our olive-based aperitifs with pretzels! 😺

porcelain stoneware bowl detail donarturo design

Design, hygiene, quality. Tested and approved.

A bowl holder for cats or dogs must have essential characteristics according to the philosophy that animates the Donarturo brand.
Essential design is certainly one of these characteristics, but it is only part of the job.

In fact, a project only works if the design does not hinder quality standards that I have set very high. What does it mean?
Above all, a product must last over time, retaining its characteristics, allowing us to also satisfy concrete sustainability criteria.

Furthermore, hygiene must be guaranteed, to protect what we hold most dear: the welfare of our animals.

Hygiene, quality and design are linked together in the same circle, where it is impossible to establish a hierarchy. Every choice, every material, every technical or aesthetic solution responds to this rule.

For this reason, during the research phase, I make use of special collaborators such as Cecchino, who are ready to guide me, test and approve each project dedicated to them!

Maintenance of the Donarturo pet design chopping board


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