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SOTTOSOPRA: How to compose your own personalized cat climbing wall

You can do it yourself or with our help.

Our modular system Upside down was born to create not just an equipped wall for cats , but a real design space that fits fully into interior design.

For this we offer a free and personalized interior consultancy, at the end of which you will receive a layout designed to meet your needs. Yours and of your cat, of course.

cats on the path cats upside down design Donarturo


Let's start from the beginning: the identikit of the cat.

Arranging a few shelves on the wall to create a wall unit for cats might seem like a trivial operation .
However, each cat has different peculiarities and if we want to create a suspended path for cats that satisfies it, we must think about its specific characteristics.

This is why we start from his identikit.

A young cat will tend to be more athletic than an older cat.
A particularly lively cat will have different needs than a particularly lazy one. And so on.

For example, one of our cats, Cecchino, is completely blind .
To facilitate his movements, we placed the shelves very close to each other, so that by stretching his legs he could "feel" the support surface before jumping on them.

Donarturo design suspended kennel for cats

Well, have you also rationalized the characteristics of your pet that could influence the design of your cat wall unit?

Let's go on!

Window, Terrace, Tower: which one cat shelf to choose?

Now that we have reflected on the characteristics of our cat, we can analyze those of the shelves of the Sottosopra modular system.

path layout for cats design donarturo

Window is a cat shelf that looks like a suspended kennel. It could be the central hub of our climbing wall for cats, thanks to its two support points, or the final landing place.
It offers a large space for rest and a small one for passage.

Terrace is a shelf for cats that offers us the space of a bookcase. It has a shelf large enough for the cat to lie down comfortably. The well-deserved rest after having explored the length and breadth of the route, right!?

Tower is the most versatile cat shelf in the upside down system. It offers us the possibility of stacking many books, and the cat to jump on them. It represents the element of "climbing" within our modular climbing wall for cats.
Its minimal design places no limits on imagination, and marries both geometric and rational and casual layouts.



Space analysis

How much space do you have available?
Are there already furnishing elements on the wall such as sofas, bookcases, wardrobes?
Does the cat have free access? Can they integrate with our cat furniture?

Do you love regular or chaotic compositions more?
Better an apparent disorder supported by invisible geometries ?

These are the questions that complete the analysis phase.
Good! Now that we have clear ideas, we just have to move on to the final phase.

custom layout cat climbing wall design donarturo


Layout and design for a cat climbing wall that is (also) a perfect piece of furniture for your interior.

Now comes the fun part: the actual design!

As I told you at the beginning, you can let us help you or you can proceed independently to create your own wall system for cats / bookcase.

I recommend that you take advantage of the advice which is totally free.

For two fundamental reasons .

The first one is practical: during the assembly phase it is really very convenient to have a customized and dimensioned layout , to be used as a guide for positioning the chosen elements.
An afterthought during assembly could turn your wall into a sieve. How do you cope with putty?

The second one is technical: if you love interior design and furnishing, just like us, but designing is not your job , rest assured, it is ours.
We are here to offer you the solution that best suits your needs and your space.

Et voilà, that's it. Good upside down at all.

I will explain how the consultancy works in detail in another article.
I swear, it's very simple and the article will be very short.



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