Teste di cane | Fermalibri con un'anima

Dog Heads | Bookends with a soul

Synergies. Chiara Ambrosoli and our common passions.

Social media sometimes have the power to cross paths that otherwise would never have crossed. And with Chiara it went just like that.

After the success of the bookends Una silhouette! , I felt the urge to repeat with dog-shaped bookends but, do you know what the creative block is?
I couldn't find the right formula.

But Chiara Ambrosoli , illustrator and graphic designer from Milan, had the right formula. Her instagram page _iaia.a_ enlightened me!
The custom illustrations she creates are beautiful and as if she had read my mind, she wrote me.

Wonderful A silhouette! But what if we did one together?

Chiara Ambrosoli and Donarturo for Dog Heads bookends

No sooner said than done. Bookends, dogs and design.

The passion for dogs, and for animals in general, unites us. The one for design, too. With these assumptions it was easy to find the right synergy.

The Dog Heads collection saw the light in just a few months.

The design of these book stops made use of the technical solutions of Una Silhouette! to show only its best side.
In fact, the bookend system remains hidden right among the books and what you see is only what matters: the soul of the book stop, the dog's head .

Dog heads firm book design by Lapo Donarturo

Can a simple book stop have a soul?

The answer is yes! And not one, but four.
We worked on these particular design bookends thinking of them, our four-legged life companions . To the personality they express, to the emotions they transmit to us, to the love they give us.

They are four book stops, four souls, four characters, but they could be a hundred, and we are aware of that.

When we launched the product, we were overwhelmed with requests. When do you make the Lagotto? And the Newfoundland? But a nice Labrador like my Stella, right ?! And what about my Arturo? He is missing too, eh! :)

Head of French bulldogue dog DONARTURO

The four souls of Dog Heads.

Who knows, maybe others will come, but let's start with these.

  • LAPO , Chiara knows him well because he is inspired by one of his dogs. A sensitive, sweet and wise soul. This firm book is dedicated to life companions like him, tender and tireless .
    Book stop Lapo design Donarturo

  • PUNTA , the dreamer soul . A firm book dedicated to all those who love to be with the nose, or the muzzle, upwards. Sometimes aiming for the stars, sometimes for the clouds .

Book stop in the shape of a dog Donarturo collection

  • NANA , the book stop dedicated to all the bullies in the neighborhood. Those with a tender heart though. Those who bark, but do not bite . Those who ... appearances can be deceiving .

Bookend NANA book end design DONARTURO

  • MUSTACHE, the soul of the philosopher, who scrutinizes the world under his mustache and laughs with pleasure. A book stop dedicated to thinkers, to balanced and intelligent characters . Faithful and dedicated to the pack / family always.

Book stop mustache design DONARTURO

All the book stops are accompanied by a personalized dedication , so that they are also a perfect talking gift .

So, now that you know their history and their soul, which Dog Head is closest to you?


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Che meraviglia! Sono rimasta affascinata dalla storia di questo incontro e soprattutto dal risultato che ne è uscito. Le teste di cane sono semplici, eleganti, ispiranti, colme d’amore per i nostri amici a quattro zampe… semplicemente stupende!


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