parete attrezzata per gatti con mensole design Donarturo


We tried to look at the world upside down and we imagined a space where humans and cats actively share the same set of objects.

We have transformed a contemporary and minimal bookcase into a system of shelves and suspended kennels: in short, a path for cats that fully integrates with interior furnishings.

A continuous line between design, functional and aesthetic needs, minimalism and character.

Equipped wall for cats: function and design.

Cats love verticality . Unlike us humans, they have the natural predisposition to experience space in three dimensions and it is an essential requirement on which their psychophysical health depends.
So how to create the optimal conditions for a healthy coexistence?
is our personal answer to this question.
In fact, all the elements of the collection combine to create a system of shelves for cats that is transversal, in terms of function and design, to the human kingdom.
A wall system for cats with these characteristics offers an infinite range of customizations, whether you want to create a suspended bookcase or a more complex path for cats.


We want to create unique and custom-designed environments.
After all, our team includes passionate architects and interior designers!

Creating the right path for your cat and the perfect environment for you will be a pleasure.

The service is free and you will receive a layout and, if necessary, a personalized quote.

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Cats and verticality: why it's important to furnish your home thinking (also) of them.

Cat furnishings have become increasingly popular in recent years, but their origin dates back to the ancient Egyptians. It seems that they had special beds for cats, where the felines could rest comfortably and safely. After all, for them they were sacred animals but today it is not so different.

In fact, from the 20th century to the present day, with the greater diffusion of felines in our homes, cat furnishings have evolved, becoming increasingly sophisticated and designed to meet the needs and activities of domestic felines.

Cats, for example, are animals naturally predisposed to climbing and verticality.
In the wild, they use trees, rocks, and other objects to climb and conquer heights from which to have a better view of their surroundings and escape predators.

Inside our homes these natural elements are lost, but their feline instinct remains intact. For this reason it is important to provide them with similar opportunities to climb; this not only helps them satisfy their natural instincts, but can also help preserve their health and mental and physical well-being.

However, offering the cat an adequate vertical path can also represent an opportunity for us! Taking advantage of the walls can in fact help create an extra space inside the house, especially if you have limited space. Donarturo shelves and suspended kennels not only allow you to create a climbing path for your cats, but they are perfect functional and design furnishing elements.

Perfect for cats, who can climb on them and rest on them, as in the case of suspended kennels, which provide them with a safe and peaceful place to sleep. And perfect for us, as these elements also add a decorative and functional element to the home, making it more welcoming and inviting.
In fact, our Sottosopra shelves contain protected spaces where you can store your favorite books and objects.

At this point it is clear that having a Donarturo cat run at home can only be an advantage!
It allows cats to climb a wall, providing them with an added challenge and a more realistic climbing experience, but it can also be used by us as a piece of furniture, adding style and design to the environment.

In summary, verticality is an essential element for the health and well-being of cats. When cats have enough vertical space, they can feel more comfortable and secure in their home. Providing cats with shelves, hanging kennels and wall climbing paths can help satisfy their natural instincts and create a cozy and inviting space in your home.