We prefer pure, natural materials that undergo the least number of treatments, and only those strictly necessary. To keep the peculiar characteristics intact for a long time, we can adopt some precautions and here we explain which ones.

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JUTE | take care of the CANNOLO

Jute is an extraordinary fiber, obtained from a plant, that of jute, which grows quickly and does not need pesticides and fertilizers.
Biodegradable and 100% recyclable , jute is one of the most ecological textile fibers on the market and also one of the most loved by cats.
Our Cannolo is the result of 130 meters of hand-woven jute rope.

One of the characteristics of Jute is its high hygroscopicity.
This means that this fabric is particularly sensitive to ambient humidity.
In a particularly hot and dry environment, or if exposed to the sun, the Cannolo could lose its stiffness. We therefore recommend keeping it in the home environment, where temperature and humidity are usually optimal for keeping its characteristics unchanged.
If it should still lose its "shape", don't worry. All you need to do is moisten the jute with a common vaporizer. In a few minutes, the Cannolo will regain its optimal consistency and you can reshape it.
A very fun operation to do with your cat!

To eliminate any stains and odours, we recommend immersing the Cannolo in a basin with cold water and baking soda, if necessary even for several hours.
Air dry.
In no case can the Cannolo be washed in the washing machine.

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Many of our products see the use of solid wood, oak or chestnut .
The wood is treated with water-based paints, which are more ecological and less aggressive.

To preserve the natural beauty of the wood intact and for a long time, it is sufficient to follow some simple maintenance rules, such as keeping the wood away from humidity, stagnant water and prolonged exposure to the sun.
We therefore recommend that you promptly eliminate any water and wet food residues from the wooden bases of the Teccà .
For cleaning it will be sufficient to use a soft cloth, slightly damp if necessary. We strongly advise against using untested chemicals or wood products.

Porta ciotole per cani giallo design Donarturo

CERAMIC | bowl cleaning

Donarturo ceramic bowls are in porcelain stoneware and have the MOCA certification, which guarantees suitability for contact with food products.

The matte glazes give the bowls a sophisticated and contemporary look.
The matte finish however needs extra care when cleaning as the surface has a certain degree of porosity.
After each use, we therefore recommend that you wash them promptly, by hand or in the dishwasher, preferably with ecological detergents, without leaving oily food residues inside.