Pet inspired design.
We don't like to call them pet products.

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  • Bowls
    and bowl stands

  • Kennels and pillows
    soft and warm for your pets

  • Upside down

    modular cat wall

  • Accessories
    and furnishing accessories

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    unmissable opportunities!

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BOWL STAND made by metal, wooden and stoneware.

Essential design and unmistakable style. Donarturo's dog and cat bowl holders fit any size.

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For dogs, cats and to liven up your and their space. Soft, washable, removable, waterproof. Discover the whole collection.

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SOTTOSOPRA equipped wall for cats and not.

A space to share, a modular path for cats with suspended bookshelves and cat beds.

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A transversal collection of objects, inspired by pets but dedicated (also) to pet-owners.

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parete attrezzata con mensole per gatti design Donarturo


A collection of pet-inspired designs, where each element is designed as a true piece of furniture, dedicated to all the animals living in the house.Humans included!

At Donarturo, in fact, we have only one goal: to redesign the domestic space where animals and pet mates coexist, thinking of classic pet products as true objects of design.

Functionality, aesthetics and quality are never lost sight of when we design, and each object is often unique, the result of artisanal work or the most advanced technologies, however always 100% Made in Italy.

DONARTURO, where the love for design and for animals come together.

Donarturo is a proudly Italian company specialized in the production of design furniture dedicated to pets. Humans included, as we like to say.
Founded in 2021, we are a young and dynamic reality, which also includes 4 cats and two dogs! We like to stand out for the originality of our design, to be appreciated for the attention to detail, the quality of the materials we use and the elegance of our products.

Donarturo offers a collection of furnishings for pets, divided into four main categories: bowls and bowl holders for dogs and cats, kennels and cushions , paths for cats and suspended kennels and accessories and furnishing accessories .

  • Bowls and bowl holders for dogs and cats include colored porcelain bowls and backsplashes in powder-coated metal and oak wood. Different designs and sizes to adapt to the needs of dogs and cats of all sizes and to the style of each pet mate. Donarturo bowl holders have an elegant and functional design, sturdy to last over time and of 100% made in Italy quality.

  • Donarturo kennels and cushions are also handmade in Italy, and are united by a unique and elegant style.
    A collection of products with a strong personality, which guarantee our four-legged friends a safe and comfortable place to rest. Available in different shapes and sizes, but always with a contemporary and minimalist design. Our dog and cat cushions are covered with high quality materials that are not afraid of wear and tear, are washable and have removable covers. They guarantee optimal comfort and support for our pets to rest, and never forget that they are also precious pieces of furniture.

  • The cat paths and suspended kennels from the Sottosopra collection are ideal for pet mates who like to share their home environment with cats. Our modular system is in fact designed to furnish and at the same time to provide a safe and fun environment where our feline friend can climb, play and relax. The shelves and suspended kennels are available in different shapes and also act as a bookcase.

  • Finally, in the Donarturo accessories and furnishing accessories for pets you can find a collection of products inspired by the world of animals, such as the design bookends in the shape of a dog and cat. Each product has a unique and original design, and is made with high quality materials 100% made in Italy.