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Are they ONLY dog bowls? What to evaluate to choose the best one.

How many of you, faced with the endless supply of bowls for dogs and cats, have finally given up thinking that, after all, they are only bowls! ?

After all, there are an infinite number of them: plastic bowls, steel bowls, bowls for large dogs, bowls for cats, anti-gorging bowls, ceramic bowls, bowls with bowl holders, inclined bowls, anti-tip bowls, raised bowls ...
In the endless sea of offering, the best bowl could become the first one that happens.

However, there are some features that we believe should never be overlooked when purchasing the perfect dog or cat bowl.

Special ceramic bowls for dogs made in Italy DONARTURO


Some materials, such as plastic, are easily damaged. They scratch and wear out, often creating the ideal environment for the proliferation of germs and bacteria. Our bowls for dogs and cats are made of ceramic , a safe and healthy material, which prevents the formation of bacteria, mold and fungi.
In addition, our bowls enjoy the MOCA certification.
What does it mean? In short, we could eat it too!


We feed our animals every day, several times a day. This means that dog and cat bowls need to be cleaned often. Again, ceramic is one of the most versatile materials. Our bowls are easy to wash, they are not afraid of the dishwasher or high temperatures.

Donarturo design ceramic dog bowl


Another fundamental aspect, which mainly concerns dog bowls, is safety. If it is true that ceramic bowls have a weight and stability that prevent them from overturning and moving, it is also true that they are more subject to breakage and therefore potentially more dangerous than, for example, the classic steel bowls.
In this case, the responsibility falls on our level of attention in handling them, as it is unlikely that Fido will find it fun to chew them or carry them around, as often happens with plastic or steel bowls.


Could we perhaps have neglected design?
Although it is not a fundamental aspect for our pets, it certainly is for us! In fact, as we have said, bowls for dogs and cats are objects of daily use. One of our goals is to make them (also) beautiful , so that they become an integral part of home furnishings, whatever the style of the interior.
Why rush to hide the dog or cat bowls, often considered anti-aesthetic when we could proudly leave them in plain sight?

Discover the complete range here .

Donarturo design raised bowl holder for cats

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