Teccà, mancia. Porta ciotole per cani e gatti Donarturo

Teccà, tip! | Our bowl holders speak Sicilian

Does not combining food and Sicilian dialect make you hungry? To me, yes, even if it is a bowl holder for dogs.

I don't know if I first conceived the Teccà bowl holders or the Donarturo brand.
In fact, the two things are very closely linked and if you want to know why I invite you to read the article ARTURO | Before Donarturo

One thing is certain: the name of the collection has an apt and clear meaning!

Because? Now I'll explain it to you!

Teccà, eat! The Sicilian expressions.

The Italian language is wonderful with all the nuances of its regional dialects.

The Sicilian dialect offers an infinite range of proverbs and idioms , many of which concern food. As in the case of Teccà, often followed by a eat! which literally translated means Hold, eat!

Metaphorically , however, behind this simple expression a world of meanings opens up, which change according to the facial expression, tone, context and area of origin of the speaker.

dog bowl stand design Donarturo


Our meaning is about dogs!

As if the literal meaning were not enough to legitimize and justify its use for a collection of dog bowl holders, one of the implicit and metaphorical meanings comes to our aid.

Teccà, eat! in fact, in one of its most common uses, it is an invitation that is aimed precisely at dogs: Come, come closer, I have something to eat for you!

So you understand that TECCÀ could only be the right name for a collection of bowl lifters designed for something else by a Sicilian doc like me!

And then I'll confess something to you. I have a real obsession with and for food!
Did you perhaps notice this when reading the names of the other products ?!





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