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ANEMONE | Ceramic anti-clogging bowl

ANEMONE | Ceramic anti-clogging bowl

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NEW Anemone is a slow-feed bowl for dogs and cats in porcelain stoneware.

The Anemone dog and cat bowl is a bowl dedicated to all pets that tend to be voracious and eat too quickly and can be inserted into our bowl holders Teccà and Punto e Virgola.

What is Anemone used for?

  • The Anemone bowl is used to prevent engorgement in pets. In fact, we know that slow eating promotes the well-being of digestive functions and a healthier approach to food. The particular structure of this bowl in fact prevents the dog or cat from accessing food too easily, forcing them to slow down meal times.

How does Anemone work?

  • The bottom of the bowl resembles a sea anemone; there are several ceramic "tentacles" placed on it which protect the food and force your pet to find the best solution to reach it. The tentacles have a rounded shape and a variable height that blocks the muzzle of your dog or cat before it can reach the bottom of the bowl. The Anemone slow-feed bowl therefore forces your pet to eat more slowly. Furthermore, Anemone can also be used for water.

How is Anemone made?

  • Like all Donarturo bowls, Anemone is also handmade in Italy.
    Each tentacle is worked so that it has a rounded and delicate shape, so that the pet cannot accidentally injure itself. Each slow feed bowl is completely different from the other because the tentacles are randomly distributed on the bottom of the bowl.

Features & Tips.

Asking your veterinary doctor for advice is always a good idea. Furthermore, we recommend that you supervise and accompany your pet especially in the first uses of Anemone, to ensure that the slow-feed bowl is used correctly.

Anemone , like all our Bowls , can be inserted into the Teccà and Punto & Virgola bowl lifters. It has the MOCA certificate, can be washed in the dishwasher and microwave. It is also equipped with anti-slip pads.

ANEMONE S - Bowl for small dogs, toys and cats - 0.4 lt | Ø13 cm
Suitable for Teccà T | XS + Semicolon *mini*
ANEMONE M - Bowl for medium sized dogs - 1.2 lt | Ø17 cm
Fits S | M + P semicolon *maxi*
ANEMONE L - Bowl for large and giant breed dogs - 2 lt | Ø21 cm
Suitable for Teccà L¹ | XL¹

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